Heavy-duty aluminium trackway at the angel of the north
Date published: 23 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Protective ground mats in action: Our success stories  

All three types of protective ground mats that we offer have played a pivotal role in resolving problems and even emergencies in our society. They have helped to safeguard sensitive areas, protect expensive and preserved grounds, mitigate environmental impact and provide access to areas that would otherwise have been unreachable. 

Porcelain patio protective ground mats required for complex tree removal 

An urgent need arose for protective ground mats for a porcelain patio. This was due to the necessary removal of a large tree causing various issues such as structural problems, root problems, obstruction, and proximity to buildings. Despite the tight access near the delicate porcelain patio in Edinburgh, we promptly conducted a site survey and implemented measures to protect the surface under the spider crane’s weight. Utilizing 75 HDPE ground protection mats with underlay, our solution ensured the delicate surface remained unharmed. The underlay, featuring lightweight EVA foam, safeguarded against marks and scratches caused by connectors on the trackway mats. Our team protected the porcelain patio successfully, leaving the surface in its original condition after removing the trackway.

Plastic protection mats support a small crane

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DTH supports aircraft recovery at Leeds Bradford Airport. 

On Friday, October 20, 2023, at 3:30 pm, Davis Trackhire received an urgent call from Leeds Bradford Airport seeking assistance with a stuck Boeing 737-800 weighing over 50 tonnes that had veered off the runway. Responding promptly, Phill Wright, Davis Trackhire’s UK Operations Manager, began travelling to the airport, mobilizing additional crews and panels. Upon arrival, the plane was assessed. Two protective ground mat installation crews with 75 panels each were deployed, along with two Project Supervisors. Overall, the goal was to create steady ramps in front of each wheel using road panels, allowing recovery trucks to connect winch cables.

Despite challenging conditions, including poor weather and limited machinery access, the team successfully formed a temporary trackway by 3:30 am. The winch operation commenced. After a second meeting at 4 am, the team rescheduled the airport’s opening time to 2 pm on Saturday. By 10 am, they had the plane back on the runway, and at 11:45 am, they recovered the temporary access road. In summary, the collaborative effort ensured a swift and successful aircraft recovery, preventing prolonged airport closure.

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Liverpool FC Anfield Road Stand Expansion 

In July 2021, we attended a meeting at Anfield to discuss installing protective ground mats for the Liverpool FC Anfield Road Stand Expansion. The project had already started outside the stadium. In January 2022, we conducted a successful mock site installation at the Liverpool FC training ground. Originally, the organizers scheduled the Winter World Cup in Qatar for November/December 2022. But, due to lifting issues and tight timeframes, the project faced a delay until May 2023. On May 21, 2023, almost two years from the initial inquiry, we arrived on-site with a team, vehicles, forklift trucks, and 15 loads of aluminium temporary roadway panels.

Starting the project on May 22, we worked in two teams over 24 hours. We completed the installation by midday on May 24. We created a 6m x 5m ramp through the Kop end tunnel entrance, and installed a double-element temporary roadway system. Overall, our team covered 5000 sq/m to accommodate mobile and crawler cranes. The crawler cranes, positioned on specially designed platforms atop our panels, aided in weight distribution during the removal of the old roof section. All in all, the temporary access road, in place for 5 weeks, was removed at the end of June 2023 upon the completion of the Liverpool FC Anfield Road stand expansion.

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Davis Trackhire supports film shoot in Scottish highlands. 

We were enlisted to create access for heavy vehicles, including cranes, diggers, dumpers, and filming equipment across a marshy field for a SKY Max production – Dynamo Is Dead, using our protective ground mats. Due to the project’s popularity, limited space for vehicles and heavy foot traffic posed challenges. In one day, amidst heavy snow, we installed over 250 trackway panels, carefully laying them over a pedestrian walkway for public safety. Despite difficulties, we successfully cordoned off a safe working area. A steep incline under a low overhead powerline, made boggy by melting snow, presented another challenge. We needed to make last-minute alterations to the trackway configuration. This was to align with the Angel of the North for camera angles. Our Site Supervisor, Shaun Varley, with extensive industry knowledge, ensured the smooth installation without disrupting the schedule.

To meet the tight schedule, we deployed two experienced installation crews and timed delivery vehicles precisely to reduce crowding. We marked out a GS6 area, including goalposts and demarcation cones, highlighting the overhead powerline area. Despite numerous challenges, our quick thinking, knowledge, and hard work resulted in an effective, robust route to the filming location. To conclude, we overcame obstacles, made the impossible possible, and left a very satisfied client.

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Swift, effective protective ground mats for urgent UKPN powerline fix 

In December 2023, Riglift UK urgently requested protective ground mats to recover a fallen tree that had brought down an overhead power line (OHPL) pole in adverse weather conditions. UK Power Networks (UKPN) needed access for repairs. Our project engineer, Mitch, swiftly traveled from our Retford depot for an on-site assessment. Albeit restricted site access and complexity apparent, we presented a detailed trackway solution by midday. Opting for two Moffett forklift trucks, we were on-site by 8:00 am the next day. Mitch oversaw the installation, and our crew completed it by lunchtime with roadside traffic management. Despite challenges, our experience provided an effective solution, facilitating Riglift UK’s access for repairs by UK Power Networks (UKPN).

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