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Aluminium Trackway Panels

With zero trip hazards to meet the safety and operational needs of pedestrians and vehicles, our latest aluminium DTH Panels are primarily designed to provide a 3.0 metre wide load-bearing temporary access to allow up to the heaviest road-going vehicles to safely travel over the harshest of terrain.

These Trackway panels have also been manufactured with an aggressive underside, perfect for displacing surface water and can be installed face up to provide even greater traction across steep inclines.

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Key Features

With unrivaled grip, even in wet weather, our aluminium DTH Panels are capable of supporting the heaviest of road-going vehicles, with dual-sided performance for maximum vehicle and pedestrian traction.

Designed to support loads of up to 15 tonnes per axle in a single-width configuration, our panels can also be laid in a variety of configurations to increase load-bearing capacity if required.

Constructed in-house at our Glasgow head office, these 2.4m long x 3m wide Trackway panels are 100% recyclable and have all been manufactured to allow for all cross plates and bolt heads to be hidden beneath the surface - creating a flush, continuous and trip-free surface. DTH Panels are ideal for soft undulation, inclines and wet ground to support heavy construction vehicles and plant, vehicle and pedestrian access and the creation of cross-country roads, work-pads, standing areas, temporary roads and temporary car parks.

Installed using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hydraulic clamp system, we can have a 1 kilometre Trackway access laid and ready for use in as little as 3 days!

  • Load-bearing temporary access road

    Primarily used to provide a 3 metre wide load-bearing temporary access road for all ground conditions.

  • Davis trackhire truck on temporary road

    Load distribution properties allow the heaviest vehicles to safely and efficiently travel over the softest of ground

  • Variable width and configuration depending on site conditions, allowing for increased load bearing pressure and weight restrictions

  • Structurally designed individual box sections slide seamlessly together along its 3 metre width to form a ground-hugging articulated joint across contours and uneven surfaces.

  • Dual-sided panel with a low profile, pedestrian friendly "topside" and a deeper, corrugated "underside" to provide a higher level of grip and all-round traction when necessary.

  • Tyre driving over davis trackhire panel

    DTH Panels have been designed to allow for overlapping edges and all cross plates and bolt heads to be hidden beneath the surface - creating a continuously flush and trip-free access

Download Technical Specification (pdf)

Technical Information

Dimensions and Properties


Product Dimensions (Width x Length):
3000mm x 2497mm
Usable area when joined (Width x Length): 3000mm x 2401mm = 7.2sqm

Box Section Properties

Width of section = 253mm
Depth of section = 53mm


265kg per panel

Weight Loading

Up to 15 tonnes per axle dependent upon sub-surface and panel configuration. Please seek further advice from Davis Trackhire if weight exceeds 15tn/axle

Mechanical properties and strength calculations

• Alloy 6005A T6
• Yield strength of alloy 215N/mm2 minimum value
• Ultimate tensile strength 255N/mm2 minimum value •
Hardness of alloy 85 Brinell

Mechanical Properties & Strength Calculations

Load Calculation Condition 1:

1 plank, 3000mm long, simply supported at the ends, point load of 900kg at centre.

Deflection = WL3/48EI   Where W = 900Kg x 9.81 / 1000 = 8.83KN  
L = 300cm
E = 6900Kn/cm² (Modulus)
I = 91.29cm⁴ (Second moment of area)
Y = 2.94cm

Therefore: Delfection = 8.83 x 3003 / 48 x 6900 x 91.29 = 7.885cm = 78.9mm
Bending moment = WL/4 = 8.83 x 300/4 = 662.25M
Bending stress = MY/I = 662.25 x 2.94/91.29 = 21.33KN/cm² = 213.3N/mm²

Load Calculation Condition 2:

1 plank, 3000mm long, simply supported at the ends, uniformly loaded along its length with an 1800Kg load.

Where W = 1800Kg x 9.81 / 1000 = 17.66KN
Deflection = 5WL3 / 384EI

Therefore: Delfection = 5 x 17.66 x 3003 / 384 x 6900 x 91.29 = 7.885cm = 9.86cm = 98.6mm
Bending moment = WL/8 = 662.25M
Bending stress = MY/I = 662.25 x 2.94/91.29 = 21.33KN/cm² = 213.3N/mm²

Recent Deployments

DTH aluminium Panels are highly diverse and can be installed in various configurations across numerous different sectors, using the latest state-of-the-art installation tools. The following pictures are from some of the various projects we have deployed over the years.

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