Key features

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Primarily used to provide a 3 metre wide load-bearing temporary access road for all ground conditions.

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Load distribution properties allow the heaviest vehicles to safely and efficiently travel over the softest of ground.

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Variable width and configuration depending on site conditions, allowing for increased load bearing pressure and weight restrictions.

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Structurally designed individual box sections slide seamlessly together along its 3 metre width to form a ground-hugging articulated joint across contours and uneven surfaces.

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Dual-sided panel with a low profile, pedestrian friendly “topside” and a deeper, corrugated “underside” to provide a higher level of grip and all-round traction when necessary.

DTH Panels

DTH Panels have been designed to allow for overlapping edges and all cross plates and bolt heads to be hidden beneath the surface – creating a continuously flush and trip-free access.

With unrivaled grip, even in wet weather, our aluminium DTH PANELS are capable of supporting the heaviest of road-going vehicles, with dual-sided performance for maximum vehicle and pedestrian traction.

Designed to support loads of up to 15 tonnes per axle in a single-width configuration, our panels can also be laid in a variety of configurations to increase load-bearing capacity if required.

Constructed in-house at our Glasgow head office, these 2.4m long x 3m wide Trackway panels are 100% recyclable and have all been manufactured to allow for all cross plates and bolt heads to be hidden beneath the surface – creating a flush, continuous and trip-free surface.

DTH Panels are ideal for soft undulation, inclines and wet ground to support heavy construction vehicles and plant, vehicle and pedestrian access and the creation of cross-country roads, work-pads, standing areas, temporary roads and temporary car parks.

Installed using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hydraulic clamp system, we can have a 1 kilometre Trackway access laid and ready for use in as little as 3 days!

Our aluminium trackway panels are highly diverse and can be installed in various configurations across numerous different sectors, using the latest state-of-the-art installation tools.

Technical information

Mat dimensions & properties

Mat dimensions and properties

Mechanical properties & strength calculations

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