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Date published: 31 Oct 2023
Holly Chipchase

Construction site safety in winter

The construction industry is dangerous all year round, but especially in winter conditions. Here are a few ways you can prepare for safety on the construction site in winter, or if you have employees who work outside.

How to improve safety on the construction site in winter

Heated break areas  

The colder workers are, the tiered they will be from attempting to warm their bodies. When the weather is cold, ensure there is a warm are for you to take regular breaks. Be careful with portable heaters as CO2 can leak and cause issues.

Remove snow and ice 

For safety on site in wintery conditions put down sand or salt to melt any ice or snow, and to create more grip for workers. Mark out areas that have not been gritted with signage or block them off using appropriate fencing.

Proper gear  

Keeping warm is highly important on site, workers should be nice and warm but also able to move and perform tasks. We recommend thermals underneath clothing, with a waterproof layer on top. Workers should change out of wet clothing to avoid getting cold.

Winter PPE  

PPE is always important on-site, but it’s even more important in winter conditions. Workers should be always wearing hard hats, with internal liners to keep them warm. As well as this, any gloves should ensure proper handling is feasible. Workers should wear waterproof boots with non-slip soles. Any goggles or glasses work on site should be sprayed with anti-fog spray to ensure visibility.

Winter-related injuries and illnesses 

Severe health issues can occur from exposure to cold conditions. From hypothermia to trench foot. It’s crucial to ensure workers on site are educated on cold-related illnesses and injuries and know the warning signs. Teach them what to look out for, this could be shivering, clumsiness, lack of coordination etc.

Test Tools 

Cold weather can cause tools to be slower to get going than usual. Frosty conditions can also cause leads and wires to become brittle. All tools should be inspected and tested properly prior to use.

Boost Lighting  

As days get shorter and the night gets longer, the light becomes reduced. You should make sure to light your site well as well as highlight any hazards and ensure as full visibility as possible.

Make roads and paths safe 

Extra care must be taken on roads and paths in wintry conditions. Trackways can help massively with safety at access points, especially in wet, muddy or frosty conditions. Our trackways are able to provide a safe, non-slip surface for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Although we can’t help with all the other ways to encourage construction site safety in winter, we can help with Trackway hire. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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