Why you need trackway matting on your construction site
Date published: 02 Nov 2023
Holly Chipchase

Why you need track mats on your construction site

Track mats are designed to distribute heavy loads. They keep the ground in good condition and prevent damage during construction and other tasks where access and ground protection are needed. Track mats come in various sizes, with widths ranging from 1m to 3m, and they are capable of supporting loads of up to 150 tonnes.

What do track mats do? 

Provide access roads for construction

Durable track mats provide access to construction sites as well as other hard-to-reach areas where maintenance may be required. The Panels allow for even the heaviest of vehicles to make their way across harsh terrain no matter the conditions.

What do track mats do

Prevent soil erosion

Track mats play a large role in stopping soil erosion. They do this by stabilising the ground below and minimising pressure and compaction of the soil, preventing the runoff of sediment into bodies of water nearby.

Track mats preserve landscapes

In grassy, sandy, or muddy areas temporary walkways ensure the ground beneath remains in good condition, regardless of heavy machinery or lots of foot traffic. They also assist in protecting any plants that may lie below them from compaction.

Avoid damage to infrastructure

Avoid damage to infrastructure

Heavy machinery and construction vehicles are just that, heavy. This can cause issues with existing infrastructure if not managed properly. You can employ temporary track mats to protect pavements, roadways, and driveways from cracking and damage caused by construction.

Ensure safety on-site

The texture of trackway mats helps mitigate accidents on construction sites. The statistics provided by the UK government show that most construction-related accidents happen via falls from height, being struck by a moving object, plant machinery or vehicle and overturning machinery. Temporary roadway provides a stable surface, preventing slips, trips and falls to make sites safe.

Ensure trackway safety on-site

Track mats distribute the weight of heavy plant

When placed together, our heavy-duty trackway mats create crane and HIAB pads. They work by distributing the weight of the plant machinery providing a protective foundation for the ground below.

Overall, trackway mats play a massive role in making environments safe and ensuring that staff can do their job with the most confidence in challenging conditions. Trackway is there to help keep your site safe and maintain the ground below.

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