Track mats for heavy equipment on listed grounds
Date published: 14 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Trackmats for heavy equipment on listed grounds

Just like there are listed buildings, there are listed grounds too.  Listed grounds require the utmost protection, to support the preservation and respect of our land. Significant fines and punishments can arise for damage to listed grounds where trackmats for heavy equipment are not used.

What is a listed ground? 

A building or grounds constitute as listed when they are of a special architectural or historic interest. We prioritize and consider them to be of national importance for the present and our future generations, making them worth protecting. You can see all the Registered Parks and Gardens on the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).  

Many listed grounds are the estate surrounding or containing a Grade 1 listed property. As you would imagine, Grade 1 listed properties require upkeep and often have to undergo large amounts of structural work over time. This means heavy plant machinery needs to enter the site, cross the site and then work upon protected listed grounds. Trackmats for heavy equipment as well as a fully detailed, intricate grounds survey are essential in this situation.

Track mats for heavy equipment application on listed grounds

Registered Battlefields require track mats for heavy equipment too

Listed grounds also consist of registered battlefields. To earn this prestige, it must have:

Although there may be no buildings here that require re-constructing, these areas often require new or additional statues or monuments. On significant dates, organisers often hold speeches and commemorative events at the sites of battlefields too. Thus, attracting a large footfall and vehicles, which in turn, requires the use of track mats for heavy equipment.

Some battlefields or listed grounds require trial trenching

When a site requires an additional or brand-new archaeological investigation, trial trenching must take place. Trail trenching highlights the depth and character of any surviving artefacts, remains or key features under the ground.

Large machinery and toothless ditching buckets open trenches, ultimately, causing a big disruption to the land. Employing track mats for heavy equipment actively protects the surrounding grounds and preserves the rest of the area as much as possible.

protective ground mats at historical site

Do you need trackmats for heavy equipment on all listed grounds?

We earlier mentioned that fines and punishments are in place for these areas; however, each authority of a listed ground or battlefield has its own terms and conditions for what they require. Here is an example:

Bute Park holds national significance as a Grade 1 listed historic landscape. They have specifically stated guidelines on their website to raise awareness and help protect the grounds. They stipulate:

“Where vehicles must drive off roads/ pathways ground protection may be required. Make sure your budget allows for ground protection where required to prevent damage...Cardiff Council withholds the right to fine Event Organisers for any damage caused to the ground as a result of their event. These fines can be significant and are non-negotiable, please avoid them by following this guidance….A major cause of damage by events is vehicle tyres driving over soft ground and causing unsightly rutting. For this reason we ask that vehicles must stay on hard surfaces wherever possible. Failure to take reasonable steps to prevent damage from occurring can cause you and the Council reputational damage and may prevent you holding events in Cardiff parks in the future.”

Caretaker of grounds in Cardiff Parks

If you are part of a local council, listed grounds maintenance team or have an area of significance which you require to remain preserved with trackmats for heavy equipment, whilst works go ahead, we can help.

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