Porcelain patio ground protection required for tree removal

The Project

There was an urgent need for ground protection mats for the porcelain patio. Our client had deemed a very large tree removal to be necessary on their grounds. The tree was causing a multitude of issues such as structural problems, root problems, obstruction, and proximity to buildings. The tree was located adjacent to a very delicate porcelain patio and grass section with very tight access, leaving little room for error.

Porcelain outdoor tiles are made from natural materials and then baked to a high temperature. This results in aesthetically pleasing paving slabs which are non-slip, non-porous, low maintenance and to a degree, hardwearing.  

High-quality vitrified porcelain tiles can reach up to £100 per m2 with labour costs reaching up to £160 per m2, hence why they required the utmost protection from damage.

The excavation of the root required a spider crane, which, despite their compact size, has a heavy lifting power. It is perfect for handling heavy loads in tight and challenging spaces.

The feature of multi-positional outriggers (the legs of the spider) allows for stabilisation and the spread of weight over a large surface area.

However, although their weight is distributed between their outriggers when lifting a sizable load (like a colossal tree), the weight would still be enough to damage the porcelain patio and grass.

Our Service & Trackway Solution

Our client was in Edinburgh, so we travelled promptly to the site. We conducted a site survey and put measures in place to ensure the incredibly delicate surface remained protected under the weight of the spider crane.

We decided to use 75 of our HDPE ground protection mats plus underlay. The underlay played a crucial role in this particular job.

Underlay mats provide the ideal solution when laying a temporary trackway over hard surfaces, such as porcelain patios. Thick, lightweight EVA foam protects against marks and scratches caused by connectors on the bottom of our trackway mats.

Although our underlay mats are only lightweight, they are extremely effective. Once removed, the trackway leaves surfaces in their original condition.

To conclude, our client required porcelain patio ground protection and we provided it successfully. Our ground protection mats, plus underlay protected the ground surface and although access was very tight, our crew made it work!

“The protection provided to the patio and the grass worked perfectly!  And your guys both today and on delivery were all very good – efficient, pleasant and very good humoured.”
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