Lights, Camera, Action! – The Angel of The North Project 

The Project 

Our expertise and services were required to create access for long, heavy vehicles, including, cranes, diggers, dumpers, and filming equipment across a very boggy field. This was to assist in setting up a compound area and filming site, for a one-off special SKY Max production – Dynamo Is Dead. Our heavy-duty aluminium trackway was the best solution for the job.

The Location 

Angel of The North – Newcastle.

DTH Aluminium trackway panels

Challenges & How We Overcame Them 

As this project was at a popular tourist location, there was very limited space for our installation and delivery vehicles. It made it very difficult to move into and around the site. While completing the work, lots of people visited the area. We had just 1 day to install over 250 heavy-duty aluminium trackway panels. Coinciding with this, the weather drastically changed. It started to snow heavily – this, in turn, attracted even more people to the location to go sledging! 

To gain access to the site location we had to install our heavy-duty aluminium trackway panels over a pedestrian walkway. This meant we had to take extra care to not disturb the public. We adhered strictly to health and safety procedures ensuring there were no trip hazards. This did prove difficult with the large number of people in the location. However, with the assistance of our customer and the secondary Davis Trackhire installation team, we were able to cordon off a safe working area, away from the public. 

A further problem presented itself in the form of a short steep incline that travelled under a low overhead powerline into the field. It had become extremely boggy from the melting snow. It was imperative to our client for the final run of trackway (leading from the filming location to the production compound) to sit parallel with the Angel of the North. This was for camera angle purposes. So, to accommodate the deteriorating ground conditions we had to make last-minute alterations to the trackway configuration which caused it to run off course… 

Nonetheless, with the extensive industry knowledge of our Site Supervisor, Shaun Varley, (plus a few trade secrets!), the installation of the heavy-duty aluminium trackway panels was completed as planned, without any disruption to the tight schedule or configuration. 

Our Service & Heavy Duty Aluminium Trackway Solution

As this project required a rapid installation, we provided two experienced installation crews. Along with this, we also specifically timed delivery vehicles to deliver extra stock. We organised this precisely to reduce over-crowding in the busy area. Finally, we provided a fully marked-out GS6 area which included a set of GS6 goalposts with a max height sign attached to all four posts and blue demarcation cones highlighting the overhead powerline area. 

Trackway solution at Angel of the North

The Outcome

Although we faced numerous challenges, quick thinking, knowledge, and hard work were provided by our operatives. This made for an effective, robust, and sturdy route to the filming location. In short, we made the unpassable possible. Needless to say, this resulted in a very happy client! 

“Once again thank you very much to all of you and the great guys who put down the panels – Jordan Savage, Ronnie Doherty, Tino Rossi, Jamie Heeley, Reece Naisbett, Liam Smith and Ben Allen – and to Shaun for leading the project with a smile and a laugh. Hopefully, future projects will arise and if I need any more Trackway I will certainly be in touch.”
– O.B – Site Manager 

If you require information or would also like to hire our heavy-duty aluminium trackway, give us a call