ground soltions in harsh weather conditions
Date published: 08 Mar 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Ground solutions for harsh weather – 5 reasons to choose us 

There are lots of reasons why you should choose our Davis Trackhire team for your ground solutions, but 5 stand-out reasons are related to our ability to perform in tough, harsh weather conditions.

With our services being almost always outdoors we have taken many active measures to make sure our product offering is diverse enough to cover a range of conditions. We are prepared for many eventualities in our surveys and assessments and we ensure our state-of-the-art trucks are designed to provide ample support to our staff against the elements…

1. Our ground solutions are diverse and robust enough to be sufficient in the harshest winter conditions

We do not offer a one-size-fits-all when it comes to ground solutions. Each project is assessed accordingly and we apply one of our three products along with any additional components required.  

We manufacture our aluminium trackway with an aggressive underside. This means they are perfect for displacing surface water and they have an unrivalled grip, even in wet weather.  

Our HDPE ground protection mats weigh only 39kg each. They can be installed quickly, easily and safely by just 2 persons with no need for specialist plant or tools. This makes them ideal for use in short-term cold and icy conditions. They have a raised chevron surface which also provides a high level of traction in icy conditions.  

Our TuffTrak® mats also have a unique raised chevron traction surface which offers a high level of forward traction. This reduces mud dispersal and also lowers the risk of sideways movement and slippage when travelling over cambers. These are also great for potentially icy conditions.  

Temporary ground solutions in icy conditons | davis trackhire

2. We carry out in-depth ground solution health and safety assessments including RAMS

For every project we undertake, we follow a comprehensive 3 step procedure. This aims to guarantee the safety of our team, clients, and the public during on-site activities, particularly in extreme weather conditions. Our strategy ensures we effectively manage and minimize risks. We do this through planning and the strategic deployment of our trackway and ground solutions.

Step 1 – Rams – We offer a site-specific RAMS for each site, carried out by our qualified engineers. Our team also includes an appointed person to provide lift plans and technical information. Finally, we have our qualified on-site lift supervisors.

Step 2 – Planning – For every site, our crews receive site drawings and safety job packs, while our experienced supervisors and operators conduct daily dynamic risk assessments. This proactive approach aims to irradicate any potential risks during site operations.

Step 3 – Operations & PPE – All our specialist equipment is certified and checked before installation commences. We wear full personal protective equipment at all times during our ground solution operations.

3. Our state-of-the-art trucks are ideal for assisting harsh weather conditions

In our fleet, we have the innovative 26t Volvo 480HP Globetrotter and Scania R460 trucks that offer a safer and more efficient method of on-site manoeuvring by remote control driving technology. Our new trucks are fitted with sonar technology which increases visibility tenfold. Their impressive remote feature also reduces trips into and back out of the vehicle. Thus, reducing driver fatigue, decreasing installation time and increasing site efficiency, radically.

When the weather is harsh the aim is to complete our ground solution installation as quickly as possible whilst maintaining the highest standards. Our new trucks enable this advantage.

Laying ground solutions in harsh weather conditions

4. We custom-design our trucks to accommodate staff welfare

Not only do our new trucks have a remote driving facility but each and every truck in our fleet contains a welfare facility too. The welfare unit is located behind the cab and includes a toilet, sink, shower, and drying room. There are also kitchen facilities in each cab. Our team not only works in cold, harsh weather but also operates frequently in remote locations or places with limited access to amenities.

This means on breaks and lunchtimes, whilst completing an installation our crew can dry out, warm up and enjoy a refreshment in comfort. Ensuring their recharge, they are ready to complete the next round of installation and safety checks. Not only does this massively improve the job carried out but also staff morale too. We are proud to be the first and only company in our industry to provide full welfare facilities on all ground solution installation vehicles. 

5. Finally, our head office and main depot is in Scotland

…so we have plenty of experience with the cold!  

If you would like to enquire about our ground solutions, you can get in touch, here.  

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