How to care for grass using ground protection mats
Date published: 21 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Mobile crane matting: pioneering eco-friendly innovations 

As we stand on the brink of a new era in construction technology, innovations in mobile crane matting are set to redefine industry standards. Many smart solutions now coincide with sustainable practices, and the future looks promising for ground protection in heavy-lifting operations.  

This new age, particularly in construction, aims to redefine the term ‘working smart’. Technologies in the sector now make for a more efficient job which in turn creates a more environmentally friendly project.  

Health and safety being a priority at davis Track Hire

Here at Davis Trackhire, we are passionate about investing and focusing on the technology and the limitless capabilities of our trucks. This is for many reasons, but two that propel us are our eco-conscience and our pledge to our staff. The more streamlined our mobile crane matting installations are, the less impact we have on the environment. Secondly, the more technological investment our trucks have, the happier our workforce. Let’s break this down… 

Our trucks provide industry-leading advancements which you may not be aware of:  

Firstly, in 2016, we invested in our first truck-mounted welfare unit to support our installation crews. Our team often works Monday to Friday in remote areas. This means they frequently encounter all elements and experience limited access to facilities. The welfare unit is located behind the cab and includes a toilet, sink, shower, and drying room. There are also kitchen facilities in the cab.  

We noticed a difference in staff culture, attitude and productivity, very rapidly. This prompted us to quickly expand this upgrade across our entire fleet, making Davis Trackhire the first and only company in our industry to provide full welfare facilities on all mobile crane matting installation vehicles. 

A more productive team completes the job more quickly and with a happier mindset. This increases the likelihood of achieving a higher standard. This means happy clients and less resources used to complete the job.  

Davis Trackhire To Radically Improve UK Trackway Industry

If we depict it, you can see just how much this technology positively impacts the environment:

Secondly, as well as technology to improve the overall well-being of our staff, we also have invested in new technologies to improve all areas of the business including speed of our projects, the quality of our mobile crane matting installations and recovery as well as overall health and safety.  

A significant advancement in our mobile crane matting operations involves the introduction of two new, state-of-the-art trucks to our fleet. These are a brand-new 26t Volvo 480HP Globetrotter and a Scania R460. They offer a safer and more efficient method of on-site manoeuvring. 

This new technology allows us to drive to sites as normal, setup ready to lay or retrieve the mobile crane matting at the rear of the truck using the lorry-mounted Palfinger Epsilon Q150Z and SMC Trackway Clamp, and then engage a hydrostatic system via a remote drive control unit. 

Our team can stand at the rear of the truck, monitor the job from all angles, and make moves using the Scanreco remote control, which also controls the lorry loader. We can control the truck remotely whilst providing the best possible management and supervision of surroundings. 

Mobile crane matting technology has so many benefits to the environment, here’s some: 

Here is an example of where our newly invested technologies in mobile crane matting were used in action.

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