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Date published: 22 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Trackway Systems: Our tailored process of hiring

The process of hiring our trackway systems involves careful consideration to ensure the right quantity is ordered, additional components are included, the appropriate number of engineers and team members are on-site, and all safety procedures are followed…

Each site we visit presents unique grounds, challenges, space considerations, and other factors specific to the job.  

A trackway system is rarely just a simple series of ground protection mats interlocked on the floor, there are other applicators, additional products, connectors and components included. A comprehensive assessment is always necessary. 

trackway solutions and problem solving

Our trackway systems hiring process 

Ordering ground protection can be confusing. At Davis Trackhire we remove the stress and simplify the process… 

Initial enquiry 

Our friendly and approachable hire desk team collect all the intricate details of your proposed project to identify the most suitable trackway system for your needs. 


One of our expert project engineers or sometimes multiple engineers will meet with you on-site to conduct a further in-depth site survey and ascertain your exact requirements. 

Trackway system planning and quotation 

Following that, we provide you with a budget-appropriate, comprehensive quotation for the trackway system hire, delivery, setup and collection costs. This includes a site drawing, risk assessment, and method statement for the proposed installation. 

Order and mobilise 

Upon your satisfaction, we check availability and confirm your order. The parties sign the agreement and accept the terms and conditions. Our highly skilled and experienced installation teams quality check our trackway systems and all hired components before dispatch. We then proceed to the site to install your trackway system according to your agreed specifications and timescale. 

What is a ground protect mat?

Monitor and extraction 

We continuously monitor the performance of our trackway system throughout your entire project, ensuring we maintain its effective implementation until we remove and collect it. This oversight guarantees that the system operates at its maximum efficiency and effectiveness, meeting your project’s requirements. We find this also helps us learn and be even better on our next application.  

We always follow up and ensure that our clients not only receive satisfaction with our hired products but also experience satisfaction with our efficiency and customer service!

Finally, you can read our case studies here, which include testimonials from lots of our happy clients. 

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