Anti-slip plastic floor mats for warehouse protection
Date published: 29 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Anti-slip plastic floor mats are enhancing indoor wor safety 

Our trackway products are mainly associated with external applications and supporting outdoor grounds and sectors however our HDPE plastic floor mats are suitable for indoor use too. Not only are they suitable, but in many situations, paramount to safety… 

Warehouses and factory floors benefit immensely from anti-slip HDPE plastic floor mats. Not only do they prevent slips and falls, but also contribute to a secure and productive work environment. Here’s how… 

The importance of anti-slip features 

According to a Health and Safety Executive, ‘over 32% of accidents in the workplace are slips, trips and falls making this the largest percentage of non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK’. Injuries result in downtime and increased operational costs. Our HDPE anti-slip plastic floor mats are designed with features that provide traction, reducing the risk of accidents. This becomes particularly crucial in indoor settings where factors like spills and moisture can create hazards. 

Anti-slip plastic floor mats enhance indoor workplace safety

Plastic floor mats are durable 

Indoor workplaces often house heavy machinery, equipment, and constant foot traffic. Specifically engineered for durability, our anti-slip plastic floor mats can withstand the demands of industrial environments. This capability allows for permanent use as well as temporary hire as needed.

Resistance to chemicals and oils 

Certain indoor workplaces involve the use of chemicals and oils, which can pose additional hazards. Anti-slip plastic mats are often resistant to these substances, providing a safe and secure surface even in environments where spills are common. This chemical resistance adds an extra layer of protection for employees working in industries with specific safety requirements.  

Plastic floor mats are easy to maintain

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace is essential for preventing accidents. Anti-slip ground mats are easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep the indoor environment hazard-free. Regular cleaning of these mats ensures that they retain their anti-slip properties and continue to contribute to a safe workplace.  

Warehouse which requires HDPE plastic floor mats

Simple rotation method

To maintain consistent coverage of problem areas with HDPE plastic floor mats, you can rotate the trackway. This allows for laying another set of mats while one set is being cleaned. We can arrange efficient removal and installation at the most convenient time for your business, and remote cleaning services are also available.

Compliance with safety standards 

Workplace safety regulations often require businesses to implement measures that reduce the risk of accidents. Designed to meet safety standards, our anti-slip ground protection mats provide employers with a proactive solution to enhance workplace safety and compliance.

Plastic floor mats are an affordable temporary fix 

Stone, concrete, wood and metal flooring can be expensive to repair, especially over large surface areas. In normal circumstances, if areas of flooring pose a risk, authorities would decide to cordon them off or declare them out of bounds due to the hazards they pose. Our HDPE plastic floor mats allow continued use of areas where the surface needs repair until you have the budget for a permanent solution.  

If you’d like to know more about hiring plastic floor mats for your indoor (or outdoor!) workplace, you can get in touch, here.

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