Trackway mats at UK festival
Date published: 29 Dec 2023
Alexander Chadwick

How to hire trackway mats for festivals

Festivals occur in many outdoor venues every summer and lots of the country’s outdoor spaces are put to good use. Trackway mats can enhance not only the organisers’ experience but also that of the attendees. These temporary trackway mats provide brilliant solutions for the management of heavy equipment transport as well as foot traffic. They also contribute to minimising the environmental impact of outdoor events big and small.  

So, what should you do before you hire…  

What do you need?

First of all, it is important to understand the need for them. What exactly will they be used for? The venue and its environment should be assessed and a site survey should be carried out. One of the most important things to determine at the survey stage is to identify high-traffic areas. Look at ground conditions throughout the venue and note which areas are susceptible to wear and tear. These are areas that may be more likely to benefit from trackway mats.  

It is super important to consider the types of trackways on offer, for example, we offer aluminium track mats, Tufftrack mats and HDPE mats. Each of these options offers a different weight-bearing capacity, durability and benefits. The quantity of mats needed should be calculated prior to beginning the project. The footfall and weight of vehicles should also be considered when calculating how many mats are needed.

Planning is crucial

There should be a proper plan in place for where the trackways will be installed. It’s important to have ideas of where you’d like the entrances and exits. You should also think about how people will get from A to B and where stages or heavy machinery will sit. Not only this but you should plan where how many stalls or stages there will be within your venue.  

Safety measures

It’s also important to make sure safety measures are adhered to, this includes noting anti-slip features. You should be sure that ground conditions are fit not only for ground support or trackways. If the event is expected to be muddy or boggy, more trackways should be utilised to avoid danger to attendees.  

Removal is as important as installation

Don’t forget to arrange for take down once the event is over. Trackmats are the final thing to be removed from the site as they are used to remove other heavy equipment. This is especially true where busses and trucks with stage, light and sound equipment are being removed.  

Environmental Considerations  

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to say festival and event organisers or attendees truly think about the environmental impact of these events. 

The use of toilets and water, and travel to and from events have a massive impact on the environment. The light, and sound pollution, as well as the tonnes of waste including (around 250,000) tents, all contribute negatively. Considering that year on year, festivals in the UK contribute to around 23,500 tonnes of waste, with approximately 68% going into landfills. 

Although the environmental problems that come with putting on large outdoor events are much larger than just implementing ground protection solutions, using trackway can mitigate damage from footfall and vehicles.

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