Grass protection mats and their environmental benefits
Date published: 01 Mar 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Grass protection mats and their environmental benefits 

The use of grass protection mats aligns with the emergence of sustainable construction practices, in the UK. At Davis Trackhire we are confident that our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ground protection helps to minimize disturbances to ecosystems, prevent soil compaction, and contribute to overall environmental preservation. 

Here’s a closer look at the environmental benefits of our grass protection mats

Minimizing ecosystem disturbances 

Construction activities often lead to significant disruptions to natural ecosystems. Heavy machinery, construction traffic, and foot traffic can cause damage to grass. Although this may seem like a trivial or cosmetic concern, damage to grass leads to soil erosion and loss of biodiversity. UK soil biodiversity is already under threat and the UK government admit that soil has been overlooked in environmental policy in recent decades. However, the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan states that:

Our HDPE grass protection mats assist this and act as a shield, balancing the weight of construction vehicles and workers evenly. This minimizes disturbances to the underlying grass and soil. This protection allows ecosystems to recover more quickly after construction, preserving their delicate balance.

Grass protection mats and their environmental benefits

Preventing soil compaction with grass protection mats

On-site, particularly at the location of an event, where a large surface area is covered (i.e. festivals), the soil becomes unnaturally compressed. This causes water problems such as logging and increased run-off and ultimately stunts plant growth. Our HDPE grass mats help by spreading out the weight of machines and people, preventing soil pressing. This keeps the soil healthy, helps plants grow more effectively, and ensures the area bounces back after construction or an event.

“Soil compaction reduces the pore space within soil, resulting in a poor soil structure that restricts the development of plant roots. It also affects the soil water status, causing waterlogging during wetter periods and drought conditions during drier periods, which in turn limits root development.”

Forrest Research

Enhancing stormwater management 

One significant environmental benefit of our HDPE grass protection mats lies in their ability to improve stormwater management. By preventing soil compaction and maintaining the ground, our mats enable better water absorption and reduce surface runoff. This then helps to prevent soil damage and minimizes pollutants entering our water systems.  

Reusability and recyclability 

Our HDPE grass protection mats promote durability and resistance. At Davis Trackhire one of our main focuses is reusability and recyclability. We remove, clean, and safely store our mats for future use after each hire. Moreover, when they reach the end of their lifespan, the HDPE material is recyclable. And so, this reduces the demand for new plastic production and minimises waste. We’ve previously looked at the positive use of HDPE plastic in construction matting.

Preserving aesthetic landscapes 

In the UK maintaining aesthetic landscapes is crucial, as it encourages others to preserve and look after their surroundings too. Maintainance has a knock-on effect. Our HDPE grass protection mats allow construction projects to proceed without causing lasting damage to lawns, parks, or recreational areas. Our mats preserve green spaces, ensuring that the environment remains attractive and enjoyable for residents and visitors. On listed grounds or sites of historical importance ground protection must be used. Accordingly, local councils have the right to fine and prosecute for damage to these spaces.

Grass protection mats for historical grounds

In summary, our HDPE grass protection mats exemplify a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to construction and events in the UK. At Davis Trackhire, we are confident that our trackway is a simple yet effective solution to many problems, particularly pressing eco issues. By minimizing disturbances to ecosystems, preventing soil compaction, and supporting stormwater management, our mats contribute to the preservation of our natural environment. We aim to promote and work alongside government pledges and goals for a more sustainable Britain.

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