Heavy Duty Track Mats for engineering projects
Date published: 15 Jan 2024
Holly Chipchase

Heavy-Duty Trackway Mats for Engineering Projects 

Every engineering project is different, and each of our client’s has different needs. If you’re carrying out engineering projects, our heavy-duty trackway mats could be beneficial you in more ways than one.  

Heavy-duty trackway mats help to: 

There are lots of advantages to using heavy-duty trackway mats on site, for specific problems or even just as a precautionary measure for vehicles and equipment as well as pedestrian safety.  

Reduce ground pressure  

Heavy plant tyres and tracks can break into underground cavities, the force can lead to cracks or leaks in underground water mains, causing damage to electricity and gas conduits. 

The mats help to distribute vehicle weight over a larger surface area, causing less impact to the ground below. Ground support mats are also beneficial when the ground is boggy, they provide extra support to soft ground. Our ground protection, essentially has the same effect as adding rubber track wheels to vehicles but in a more affordable and temporary manner.

Prevent damage to equipment  

In situations where the ground is muddy or slippery, track mats are an excellent way to mitigate any risk of damage to machinery, plant and tools. The mats provide stable surfaces for transport, and placement, reducing the risk of wear and tear to machinery. Trackway mats handle heavy loads whilst also protecting infrastructure.  

Plant platforms  

There have been cases where the ground beneath plant and machinery has collapsed, so many projects utilise trackmats as platforms/ crane pads in engineering projects.  They create barriers between construction equipment and the ground, ensuring that both remain stable and undamaged. 

Trackway can substitute outrigger pads, which prevent cranes from tipping over or suffering from other similar problems caused by sinking into soft ground.  

Mark out access roads with heavy-duty trackway mats  

Heavy-duty trackway mats can help with site safety at access points, especially in wet or icy conditions. They provide a non-slip walkway for vehicles and pedestrians to stay safe and secure.  

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