How to transform your event venue with trackway mats
Date published: 12 Jan 2024
Alexander Chadwick

How to transform your event venue with trackway mats

Trackway mats are great for transforming venues big or small. They can help expand outside space to hold more guests at your wedding or family party. Trackway is used to create platforms for rides at funfairs, as well as to protect stadium grounds throughout concerts and festivals.

Here are some of the ways you can use Trackway to transform a venue for your event.

Public outdoor spaces 

Trackway mats are used at many outdoor events taking place in beach, park and sporting ground settings. Track mats generally help mark where the event begins and ends. They protect the ground but can also act as a dance floor, or hardstandings for gazebos and seating areas.

They also provide a stable surface for the event duration regardless of weather conditions. Trackway mats are also a fantastic place to situate first aid or security areas when hard standing is not viable.

Historical estates  

Places of historical interest and significance are massively appreciated in the UK, which is why it is so important to conserve them. It’s common for period dramas to be shot at these locations and events are thrown within the grounds of estates.

Trackway can be used in these circumstances to ensure no major damage is done to the grounds. Laying trackway mats where vehicles and equipment will be driven means that the ground beneath will not be subject to intense pressure, or churn from vehicle tracks. This ensures that the grounds remain as pristine as possible.

Farms, barns and fields

Most barns and farm venues have suitable flooring, however, trackway mats can be laid to increase the size of the usable area. They can be laid to create car parks, and dance floors and offer space for gazebos, vehicles, stages or rides.

Trackway and ground protection also help reduce damage to the ground, from high levels of foot traffic or vehicle tires.

Stadium or sports fields 

Trackway mats are frequently used at concerts held in sports arenas and stadiums. The purpose of course is to ensure the least damage possible to the grass or turf beneath. It also creates a safe and level ground for attendees to get maximum enjoyment of the show.

If you’re not sure why you should use trackway mats at your events, no matter what the venue, check out our blog on why they’re the perfect flooring solution.

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