Date published: 29 Jan 2024
Holly Chipchase

Temporary road hire for your construction project 

The ever-evolving construction industry requires solutions to enhance safety, and efficiency and overcome challenges. Construction projects often involve transporting heavy machinery, materials, and people. Road infrastructure is crucial, so one of the popular solutions is temporary road hire for your site. Having reliable and stable access roads is necessary for most projects to run smoothly.

There are many examples of how temporary road hire can benefit your construction sites…  

Temporary road hire in construction

Flexible site access  

Construction sites change as time goes on. Temporary road hire provides the flexibility needed to navigate through challenging terrain, it allows for smoother access to sites in harder-to-reach locations. This reduces transportation issues and allows projects to stay on schedule.  

Minimised environmental impact 

Vehicles driving over soft ground, such as grass, mud, sand, and even gravel, can cause soil erosion and habitat disturbance. Temporary road hire minimises this impact by using eco-friendly materials designed to distribute the weight of heavy vehicles and machinery.

Temporary road hire increases safety measures 

Safety is highly important in the construction industry. Temporary roads are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features such as anti-skid surfaces and proper drainage systems to mitigate accidents. The roads offer stability for heavy machinery and vehicles, reducing the risk of mishaps during transportation within the construction site.  

Time efficiency  

Time is of the essence in construction projects, and any delays can have negative effects on timelines and budgets. Temporary road hire speeds up the construction process by streamlining transportation logistics. With improved access and reduced downtime, construction teams can focus on their main activities, accelerating project completion.  

Adaptability to weather conditions 

Weather conditions can pose significant challenges in construction. Temporary roads are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that construction activities can continue even in adverse situations. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining project productivity and meeting deadlines despite unpredictable weather patterns. 

Reduced environmental impact 

Traditional road construction methods often involve the use of asphalt and other materials that contribute to environmental degradation. In recent years, the industry has become more eco-conscious, with many new materials being utilised to lessen impact. Temporary roads constructed with materials like aluminium and HDPE, which have a lower environmental impact. This reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects. 

Temporary road hire is a versatile solution

For the construction industry, it offers benefits like flexibility, enhanced safety and lessened environmental impact. As construction evolves, eco-friendly approaches like temporary road hire are at the forefront. It’s a simple addition to site that has powerful effect, can cover a range of terrains and can be hired according to budget and time scales required.

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