Why should you use ground protection mats for event flooring?
Date published: 08 Dec 2023
Holly Chipchase

Why use ground protection mats for event flooring?  

Ground protection mats can be used for events in many different industries from construction to events. Our trackways are designed to protect the ground from vehicles, pedestrians and machinery in many different applications. We’ve shared loads of information on how to use ground protection on construction sites, but not about event flooring.  

Why is event flooring important?

It protects the ground  

Why is event flooring important to protect your ground?

Event flooring at stadiums, fields or sporting pitches is about maintaining a great playing surface while catering to event audiences. When sporting stadiums are turned into gig venues the facilities manager should always elect to use some ground protection.  

Artificial grass can be easily ripped or stained, and real grass turns into a mud bath when it rains. With the added pressure of thousands of feet dancing around at events, event flooring is crucial.

Results in easy cleanup  

Event flooring makes for easy clean-up when utilised in stadiums. It makes it so much faster as rubbish is easily swept away whereas, on natural ground, each piece of rubbish must be picked up individually.   

Trackway results in easy cleanup

The mats are also incredibly easy to clean of mud, or any other mess resultant from the elements and can be used repeatedly.  

Event flooring need to provide grip and safety  

There are lots of events where ground protection may be employed in the winter months as more of a safety precaution than anything else. Winter light switch-ons, bonfire parties and other similar winter events use event flooring to ensure weather conditions don’t cause danger to the attendees. Our ground protection mats are textured to ensure minimal slip risk and attach flush together to avoid trip hazards.  

Event matting to protect stadium grounds

There’s no limit on where they can be used 

They can be placed inside, or out, in stadiums, fields, sporting pitches, racecourses, and more. They’re placed to mitigate hazards and ensure both the ground, and event goers are as safe and secure as possible.  

Grass protection should be employed at any event where the safety of guests is paramount, and the condition of the grass must be maintained. 

Aluminium trackway used to protect the football field at Liverpool FC

They’re an amazing way to extend space  

Ground protection can be used to increase the capacity of some venues too, by extending the usable outdoor space. This could be applied at garden parties, fairgrounds, light switch-ons, even weddings and other private parties and events.

They’re multi-use  

Mats can be used not only for event flooring but for footpaths, and hard standings for rides or installations. They can even be used to place stages and food trucks on.  

Football stadium protective flooring for events

To summarise using ground protection mats for your event flooring…

The use of event flooring not only protects the ground it also enhances safety. In some cases, they are used for comfort and experience for attendees. It is highly versatile and can be employed in many events.  

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