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Date published: 24 Jun 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Construction Industry Statistics 2024

All of the latest construction industry statistics 2024

We work predominantly within the construction sector, with many variants of construction-related clients. We are fascinated with the ever-changing landscape of the industry, including the impressive architecture, developments, solutions and results it produces within our society, in the UK… and even globally! There have been many unprecedented changes in the landscape over the last two years due to various socio-economic factors so the construction industry statistics for 2024 are particularly interesting.

Key Statistics on the UK construction industry as a whole in 2024

Women in construction statistics 2024

Construction Industry Employment Stats

Brexit and the Construction Industry

Welder | Construction Industry

Construction Industry Growth Stats Across 2024

Joiner Construction 2024

House Building Stats

Construction Industry Questions – What is the data telling us?

Does the data provide a promising outlook for the construction sector in 2024? 

All in all, it looks as though we are set to continue to see growth within the construction sector, which includes an increasing construction workforce and amount of pending, newly started and completed projects. In addition to this, prices in construction work and materials are stabilising and dropping slightly, following the unprecedented surge of inflation we have experienced in the last two years. Positively the data also shows, that innovative technologies and eco-conscious start-ups are creating the foundations to pave the way to a more efficient and greener construction landscape.

The long-awaited growth within the sustainability and technology sector is going to create a huge movement within the construction industry. Both of which complement each other when co-ordinated correctly. We can see the focus on researching and trailing alternative environmentally friendly building materials is becoming very important. If these alternatives are successful, they could change the foundations of the construction industry over the next decade and beyond. We should see many other innovative advancements in technology paving the way for us to become net zero as of 2050.

Davis Trackhire thoughts, here’s what we have to say

We are feeling positive about where the overall industry is headed and what that means for the trackway sector. There are always areas of concern and negative factors which we actively work to combat and will continue to do so within our own health and safety procedure, workforce culture and equality.

If you have found our Construction Industry Statistics 2024 helpful, you can read further industry insights, here. Finally, if you would like to hire trackway for your construction project, you can get in touch with our friendly team.

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