Key features

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Black High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post-industrial recycled plastic, naturally UV resistant due to the carbon black used for the colour. White UV stabilised mats available.

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Variable weight loading – up to 80 tones dependent upon sub-surface. Please seek further advice from Davis Trackhire if gross weigh exceeds 40 tonnes

DTH Panels

DTH plastic trackway mats are designed to be used with no ground preparation over grass, gravel, soil, concrete, asphalt, mud and sandy soil conditions. They can also be safely stockpiled in stillages when not in use.

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DTH ground mats for heavy equipment have joining holes: one in each corner and four in the centre line (two on each 2.44m side) to create multi-directional roadways of nearly any size or shape. DTH plastic ground protection can be connected using metal joining irons and require no specialist tools.

When you use our TEMPORARY ROADWAY MATS, ground cover will be installed quickly, easily and safely by just 2 persons with no need for specialist plant or tools – making them the perfect solution for short-term use on sensitive ground with awkward access. The raised chevron surface also provides a high level of traction for general site traffic and rubber-tracked machinery.

DTH ground protection mats are highly diverse and can be installed in various configurations across a wide range of different sectors, as you can see from the below pictures from some of the various projects that they have been deployed on, including construction, events and temporary car parks.

Technical information

Mat dimensions & properties

Mat dimensions and props