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Date published: 28 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Pedestrian walkways and public health: How DTH Pannels can help

One of the biggest complaints to local councils across the UK is related to potholes in the road and unsafe pavements. Councils have to battle the upkeep of maintaining safe and accessible pedestrian walkways whilst managing limited budgets and pressure from citizens.

Cracked pavements and pothole-riddled roads pose risks of slips and trips. This leads to both physical harm and potential financial burdens for local councils.  

Pedestrian walkways for local councils

New data shows that councils in England and Wales have spent £5.6 million since 2020 on pothole claims’


In the UK we face particularly harsh winters and weather conditions so traditional concrete pavements and tarmac roads face constant wear and tear. This is particularly common in areas with heavy foot traffic like town and city centres.  Over time, this deterioration results in uneven surfaces, creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians. 

“There are over 2,300 elderley people injured by trip, slip or falls from damaged footpaths every day”

Local council payouts for road and pavement injuries

Table shows the average payout by local councils after a pavement or pothole injury has been sustained.

Our Davis Trachire temporary pedestrian walkway panels could save local councils thousands of pounds by preventing accidents on poorly maintained surfaces. Here’s how our trackway can help: 

Immediate safety improvement

The installation of our temporary pedestrian walkway panels instantly improves safety by providing a smooth and level surface. Whilst the road or pavement awaits repair, this immediate solution helps prevent accidents. This could reduce the number of injury claims against the local council. 

Quick and cost-effective installation

Local councils restricted budgets are always used as the reason for unresolved pavement and road issues. Temporary pedestrian walkway panels offer a rapid and cost-effective solution to address unsafe pavement conditions. Councils can easily call upon us as a third party to install and remove our DTH panels. They provide a flexible option to address and access specific problem areas, sometimes without the need for extensive construction.

Pedestrian walkways are versatile

Our temporary walkway panels can be strategically placed to navigate around construction sites, repair zones, or areas with particularly uneven surfaces. This allows councils to protect pedestrian pathways during ongoing maintenance or construction projects. We have three different types of panels which can be used across a variety of surfaces.

Minimal disruption to traffic flow

Unlike traditional interim construction methods that may require road closures or congestion-inducing detours, temporary walkway panels allow for the continued flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This minimizes disruption to businesses and residential areas, whilst addressing safety concerns. The temporary roadway panels reduce injuries and congestion in the meantime, whilst roads await a permanent fix.

Economic benefits of temporary pedestrian walkways

In the short term, hiring temporary walkways for pedestrians may seem like additional upfront costs, however, the implementation of temporary pedestrian walkway panels can lead to significant cost savings for local councils, including reduced accident-related claims, legal expenses, and long-term healthcare costs.  

In conclusion, the use of temporary pedestrian walkway panels is a smart and economical strategy for local councils. Councils can not only save thousands but also help to build a community that appreciates helpful measures for public well-being. The simple yet effective solution of investing in the hire of temporary walkway panels for roads, paths and pavements extends beyond immediate cost savings. It contributes to a safer, happier UK.

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