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Date published: 17 Jan 2024
Holly Chipchase

How to use plastic track mats 

Plastic track mats have become a go-to solution for ground protection in several industries. Made from high-density polyethelene (HDPE), these mats offer a versatile solution for creating stable surfaces in adverse weather conditions or environments.  

You may be navigating construction sites, organising outdoor events, or maybe you need temporary access or hardstanding for temporary buildings. Understanding how to effectively use HDPE mats is key to ensuring the best performance, and the smoothest running project possible.  

Choose the Right Mat 

The first step to getting the most from plastic track mats is selecting the perfect type for your specific needs. Plastic mats, like their aluminium counterparts, come in various sizes, but it’s crucial to consider the application.  

For instance, HDPE track mats are excellent for providing a stable surface for pedestrian paths, lightweight vehicles, or event flooring. They can also be utilised as crane pads and hardstandings for temporary buildings.  

Site Assessments for Success  

Before installation, conduct a thorough site survey to assess ground conditions. Understanding the terrain allows you to choose the appropriate type and quantity of mats and plan an efficient layout. 

Although plastic track mats can be used on hilly terrain, placing plastic mats on level and stable surfaces is essential. Uneven ground can compromise the effectiveness of the mats and lead to shifting or buckling under the weight of vehicles or equipment.  

Safety Assured

Just as with aluminium mats, safety should be a top priority when using plastic track mats. The textured surface on the top side of these mats helps reduce slip risks for pedestrians, and skid risks for vehicles.  

Many track mats also come equipped with connectors and locking mechanisms, allowing them to be securely fastened together. This prevents shifting or movement during use, providing a stable and secure surface for both foot traffic and vehicles. 

Timely Removal Matters 

Once your project is complete, don’t forget to schedule the removal of plastic track mats. Leaving them in place for an extended period can potentially damage the ground beneath. Timely removal ensures the longevity of both the mats and the underlying surface. 


Plastic track mats offer a versatile solution for a range of applications. Whether you need a temporary walkway, a stable surface for vehicles or machinery, or ground protection for landscaping, plastic mats might be the best option for your project.  

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