Why are site surveys so important
Date published: 22 Dec 2023
Alexander Chadwick

Why is it crucial to have a site survey before selecting ground support?  

We conduct a site survey on every site to determine the right type and amount of equipment required to achieve your goals. Our project engineers and site quality specialists are highly trained with years of experience, as well as the best tools and equipment possible. 

We perform a site survey before taking on any project, by carrying out these surveys we’re able to recommend the best trackway solution for your project.  

What is a site survey? 

A site survey is a detailed assessment or the ground and site conditions of your project location. It is used to gain important information about conditions, requirements, and any constraints there may be. They are generally conducted to help us make informed decisions on the selection and installation of ground protection and trackway mats.  

So, why do we carry out site surveys?  

To understand site conditions 

Site surveys allow us to gather specific information on the ground conditions on-site. By evaluating the type of ground whether it’s sand, soil, rock or wetland, we’re able to determine the stability and how it may affect the performance of each type of ground protection mat.  

It is a way to help us to decide which trackway solution is best for your project. Looking at site conditions also helps us to identify any hazards that might impact our best choice of trackway mats. 

To determine load requirements 

By surveying the site prior to beginning the project we can identify the types of vehicles driven and the weight of any equipment placed on the trackway mats.  In situations where foot traffic will be moving across the trackway, this must be considered at the survey stage. This information is crucial for selecting ground protection mats with the appropriate load-bearing capacity for the intended use.  

To assess the environmental impact  

Surveying the project location allows us to properly evaluate the environmental impact of using ground protection mats. We need to understand the sensitivity of the area to help us to choose the best mat for the ground. This includes taking note of any protected species or ecosystems, water bodies, and wildlife habitats. We do this to ensure no damage or harm is caused by the use of ground protection or trackway. It’s important that risks to the environment are assessed, and environmentally friendly solutions are put in place to mitigate them.

To find access points and routes  

When preparing for trackway installation it is super important to ensure that access points are determined. The best routes in terms of logistics and practicality can be determined at the survey stage.  

To look at customisation  

Surveys are a great place to start when estimating the quantity of ground protection mats required for a project. It’s super important that we estimate the number of mats needed before carrying out any work. We want to ensure the best budget planning for your project, making sure our service is as cost-effective as possible.  

For safety and compliance  

Ensuring that ground protection mats meet industry standards and regulatory guidelines is critical for a safe working environment. Slip and trip resistance should be considered, especially in boggy or slippery conditions.  

To look at the ease of installation and removal  

Surveys are a way to capture information about the ease of installation and removal of ground protection mats. This is an essential consideration when efficiency and logistics are important.  

The purpose of a site survey overall is to ensure that we have all the information we need in terms of the site, the job, the project length and the ground conditions, as well as being certain we know the intended use. All of this information allows us to assist you in making the best decision for your project.  

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