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Date published: 28 Sep 2023
Holly Chipchase

What is a ground protection mat?  

By definition, ground protection is a path or a track designed to prevent damage or erosion to an existing ground surface. In industry, people and vehicles use sheets of material to reach difficult locations and protect the ground from tire marks or machinery. They are also commonly referred to as trackways, temporary roadways, or ground mats.

Many industries use ground protection mats to provide a stable surface for site access and as a temporary road surface. These mats come in various materials, sizes, etc. This all depends on the intended use, such as for vehicular or pedestrian access or at events. They have the crucial role of protecting the ground beneath from any damage.

Stacked ground protection mats

We supply portable aluminium roadways (trackways) and the equipment to access over soft ground. We also offer plastic track mats designed for medium-duty vehicular access. 

What are ground protection mats used for?

Ground protection  

Aluminium track mats are made from durable materials that withstand heavy foot traffic or machinery. This makes it an excellent option for construction sites, festivals, and outdoor events. Our aluminium ground protection mat is easy to install on various terrains, such as gravel, grass, and mud. The trackway is also slip-resistant and provides a safe surface for pedestrians and vehicles. We can provide a cost-effective solution for protecting the ground surface, as well as safe, accessible routes for people. 

Temporary roadways  

Temporary roadway for vehicle access

Trackway panels serve the purpose of creating temporary roadways in environments where the ground requires protection. They’re also used where vehicles, pedestrians, and equipment need a solid, anti-slip surface. They are particularly useful in areas where the ground may get boggy or suffer damage from vehicle tracks.

Pedestrian walkways  

A trackway is an excellent option for creating a pedestrian walkway. Trackway is installed along a path or trail, to provide a safe and accessible route for pedestrians. Not only that, but our trackways offer flexibility, they can be easily moved or adjusted. This makes them ideal for creating walkways and access points in various settings for foot traffic.

Car parks  

Aluminium trackways can also be used for car parks to protect ground. Trackway provides a durable and slip-resistant surface that can withstand heavy vehicles. Ground protection can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, including gravel, grass, and mud. It’s a versatile option for car park construction. Using an aluminium trackway can help protect the underlying ground surface and prevent damage from vehicles. Additionally, it can provide safe and accessible routes for pedestrians and vehicles to use. Overall, an aluminium trackway is a practical and cost-effective solution for car park ground protection.  

Access for cranes and heavy vehicles  

The surface of the aluminium trackway can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and prevent damage to the ground surface. With its easy installation on a variety of surfaces, such as gravel, grass, and mud, the aluminium trackway can create a safe and accessible route for accessing construction sites and other areas where heavy vehicles are needed. This practical and cost-effective solution can help reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the environment while also providing a reliable solution for heavy vehicle access.  

Highly sustainable  

Light duty ground protection mats

Our trackways and ground mats are made from sustainable, recycled and recyclable aluminium or High-density polyethene (HDPE). 

Aluminium is a super sustainable material as it is endlessly recyclable. It’s so recyclable that about 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use.  

HDPE is a sustainable plastic that contains between 25% and 100% recycled material, it’s 100% recyclable as it can be melted down and re-shaped easily.

Tufftrak plastic ground protection mat

All of our trackways and ground support mats are highly diverse and can be installed in numerous ways and are strong enough to withhold stress and be used repeatedly.  

Aluminium Trackway Panels  

These panels have no trip hazards, meeting the safety and operational needs of both pedestrians and vehicles. Our latest aluminium DTH trackway panels are designed to provide 3-metre-wide temporary access to allow even the heaviest vehicles to travel safely over harsh terrain.  

These trackway panels are manufactured with an aggressive underside, for displacing surface water, they can be installed face-up to provide greater traction across steep inclines.  

HDPE ground protection mats 

Our HDPE Mats are designed for medium-duty access, providing flexible yet tough access roadways for use over bad ground conditions. They are also ideal for refusing the risk of sensitive grassed surfaces such as sports pitches, gardens, and playing fields in event cases.  

These mats can be installed quickly and safely by just two people, with no need for tools or plant machinery. The chevroned surface provides traction and slip protection, to ensure low slip risk.


Medium duty ground protection mats

Designed for heavy plant and machinery, this dual-sided composite road mat is suitable for use as a crane pad or roadway. The TuffTrack mat is made of HDPE. This product can support up to 150-tonne loads.  

We have a variety of ground protection mats for different jobs. Our project engineers are on hand to understand your exact requirements and needs. After confirmation, we’ll help you with installation.  

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