Temporary driveway mats can make your outdoor event a success
Date published: 01 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Temporary driveway mats support outdoor event success  

Planning, organisation and details are key contributing factors to a successful event. Attendees appreciate clear signposts, structure, order and any factors which contribute towards making their event experience seamless. Ultimately, the process of parking, entering, moving from A to B, standing and leaving an event make up a big part of the overall experience despite that not being the reason they are there. Temporary driveway mats are not just for vehicles but also pedestrians walking or standing. They can contribute massively to the overall success of your event, here’s how…

Trackway installation in the UK

They help attendees feel safe  

There are lots of things that people worry about, particularly when attending large-scale events. With anxiety cases on the rise and basophobia (the fear of falling) being a natural, rational fear typical to most humans, it is important to ensure something so structurally important like the flooring. Temporary driveway mats allow for uneven, bumpy, marshy or slippy ground to be as safe as possible. This will help to manage crowd flow and safeguard the attendees and the ground against injury or damage. 

Temporary driveway mats are perfect for parking 

Parking anxiety is a thing. Everyone with a driving license will probably have experienced a version of it at least once in their lives. For some, it will be much worse than others. Parking is such a problem for some, that they allow it to determine whether or not they will attend an event. Eventbrite, lists parking as number nine, in their top 10 things that can go wrong at an event. Temporary driveway mats are the perfect solution to this issue. They are suitable for vehicles as well as pedestrians. They form a large, clear surface that is safe for cars and distinctly set aside from the main venue area.

Alumium heavy duty trackway hire for events

Clear navigation can help lift the mood of attendees  

Everything hangs in a fine balance. A poor, muddy and slippery experience navigating through an outdoor venue area can lead to depleted spirits. It also creates frustrated patrons and adds a negative filter over the whole experience. Whether it be a music gig, exhibition, tradeshow or wedding, temporary driveway mats are a great solution. They can help create distinctive sections, firm non-slip walkways, safe standing areas and clear pathways to toilets and facilities.

They shape the tone of the event 

Some extreme cases of how poor organisation and negligent safety procedures can affect the tone of an event and cause a huge shift in the tone of the crowd are Fyre Festival and Woodstock 99. These were not a direct result of not using or improper use of temporary driveway mats but the result of several factors throughout the event not being properly prepared for. HDPE plastic or aluminium trackway prevents your outdoor event from looking amateur, adding a polished, professional look to the setting. By ensuring that ground support is safe and under control, you can help contribute a positive tone to your outdoor event. 

Temporary driveway mats create accessibility & inclusivity

Linked with the previous point, making the event safe, accessible and appropriate for everyone, helps to provide inclusivity. This means those with a walking aid, wheelchair or motorised scooter can access the event too. For family-friendly events, trackway is suitable for prams too. Temporary driveway mats provide a smooth, non-slip surface appropriate for all.  

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