Why hire trackway instead of purchasing? | Davis Track Hire
Date published: 09 Jan 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Why hire trackway instead of purchasing?

There are many reasons why you should hire trackway as opposed to making the investment to buy it, even for larger companies who have the budget to do so. Upfront cost that should not be the only factor in your decision. 


Sustainable aluminium trackway

To hire trackway instead of purchasing is ultimately the most eco-friendly choice and is the most important on our list of reasons.

Our trackway is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or aluminium. Although both are recyclable, reusing trackways as opposed to producing more is always the better alternative. 


Not all the sites you work on will require ground protection or may require a different trackway to the one you have purchased. You could end up with multiple forms of unused trackway.

When you hire a trackway from us, we offer an in-depth site survey to assess which trackway is best for the conditions and work out the exact quantity you will need.  

Efficiency of laying trackway  

Trackway installation in the UK

Leave it to the professionals. Our staff are skilled in laying trackway across multiple terrains for many sectors and clients. We have a repitable catologue of casestudies & testimonials. Our staff are also fully equipped with suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times during site operations.

When you hire our trackway, two members of our team will come out and fit it for you. The quicker the setup the quicker you can complete work. As well as an efficient install we also swiftly collect too. 

Storage of trackway

Trackway is large and bulky. Although each mat is not particularly heavy on its own, they are when stacked together. They require specific and safe storage.

We have purpose-built units to support the storage of our different types of trackways. 


Ground Protection Matts For Hire

Trackway requires upkeep. Each individual mat will need cleaning after use which can be quite a large job and requires the correct equipment.

Whilst aluminium doesn’t rust, it does corrode with weather damage and environmental factors, so it does require care and the reapplication of an aluminium oxide coating after a certain length of time.

Trackway Safety 

Our staff are fully trained and up to date with site safety regulations. They wear the correct PPE and we use all the correct vehicles, forklifts, and cranes to transport and lay trackway.  

We have step by step health and safety process to help our team and your team safe on-site. We are proud to have several safety accreditations too, recently maintaining our FORS silver status. 


ground protection mat support

Your focus can remain on your job at hand, dealing with your site, project, build or event. We are taking the responsibility off your hands.

If you add laying trackway to your team’s list of responsibilities it will require extra insurance, training, and more pay.

Costs to hire trackway 

Interestingly this is last on our list, although many would immediately place this as the most common reason why companies should hire trackway instead of purchasing, it’s probably the least relevant overall. Yes, trackway is very expensive to purchase and a huge investment. The average cost per aluminium ground mat is around £1,000, however, all the other points in this insight inevitability link to cost too, and all-in all could essentially cost more than the mats themselves.

Hire trackway and alleviate stress as well as costs

When buying a trackway, you need to consider not only the initial purchase cost but also the cost of time, staff, training, cleaning, insurance, vehicles, fitting equipment and storage. Yes, you pay to hire but ultimately you save tenfold on everything else. When you hire trackway from us, our staff offer a fully comprehensive service including in-depth site survey, delivery, installation and recovery. 

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