Temporary road mats frequently asked questions
Date published: 08 Mar 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Temporary road mats: Our most frequently asked questions 

Our friendly service desk team and engineers frequently encounter many of the same questions about temporary road mats. We have decided to compile them and offer insights into all the queries we receive daily. At the bottom of our insight, you can also find a link to ask any further questions which we may not have covered or that you would like to know about in more depth.

Do you cover the south of England / Wales / East Anglia / Highlands?

Yes, we have two bases, one in Scotland and one in the UK Midlands, as a result of this, we can cover all remote areas across the UK.

How many panels can you fit on one of your wagons? 

Per truck, we can fit up to 80 aluminium panels or 70 Tufftrak temporary road mats.

Does your price include delivery & installation? 

Yes, it does, unless a dry hire quote is specifically requested. You can read more about dry hire, here.

Do you charge for site surveys? 

No, providing you meet one of our engineers on-site to grant access or assist with our survey. 

Do you supply RAMS for your works? 

Yes, we have a 3 step process when it comes to carrying out safety procedures for our temporary road mats, this includes RAMS, you can read more about this, here.

Do you supply a lift plan for your works? 

Indeed we do, providing a site survey has been carried out by one of our project engineers.

How much do you charge per temporary road mat or can you send your price list? 

We price each inquiry on merit, considering variables such as the number of temporary road mats required, hire duration, site location, and site constraints. This allows us to provide you with our most competitive quote possible at the point of enquiry.

Do you sell your temporary road mats or are they only provided on a hire basis?  

We only provide our products on a hire basis. 

What weight can your temporary road mats withstand? 

Although there is no exact weight that we can provide and it is all dependent on the surface and condition of the ground, we can provide loadings based on the temporary road mats being laid in a double-element configuration. 

Are the panels suitable for steel-tracked machines? 

No, however, rubber-tracked machines would be fine.

Please contact us if you have any questions left unanswered and we will be happy to assist!

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