Light-duty ground protection mats to enhance your event
Date published: 09 Feb 2024
Nicole Stephenson

Light-duty ground protection mats improve outdoor events

Several issues can occur at events which do not have light-duty ground protection mats in place. They have a multitude of purposes and benefits, allowing outdoor events to be safer, run smoother and increase enjoyment for everyone involved. This follows from our previous insight, temporary driveway mats can make your outdoor event a success.

Light-duty ground protection mats enhance navigation

Did you know? Light-duty ground protection mats create clear pathways and allow for spraying or sticking coloured markings to establish distinctive sections. Getting around to the different stations, WC areas or stages at outdoor events can be tricky. Pathways create crowdflow and easier access and increase navigation around an outdoor event. This can make a huge difference to how smoothly your event runs.  

Light-duty ground protection mats for muddy events

Keep mud at bay

Without light-duty ground protection mats, mud can single-handedly ruin an event. Our weather-resistant mats provide a stable foundation that withstands heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions. Kendal Calling has become a controversial British festival due to this. Not only does it cause many people to complain each year and leave the event early, but also accidents occur too. Mud seriously injured someone, back in 2017. One attendee explained “The site was a mudbath…we found it difficult to easily move around from area to area so — as a result — I didn’t get a good feel for the festival site as a whole. I’d love to do it all over again and explore without being hampered by mud.” – Caro Davies, Editor, The Listed Home.  

Light-duty ground protection mats are perfect for pedestrian footpaths over soft or sensitive ground, sand, mud, turf, and marshy areas. You can place multiple mats together to form ‘dance floor’ areas in front of stages.

Light-duty ground protection mats help the exit procedure  

The general rule of thumb when it comes to any event experience, is that people will remember the peak point of the performance and the end of the event. It’s called the peak-end rule. When people take to social media or go home and tell their family about their experience, their exit is going to be the freshest in their minds. If it was a shambles, then that information is going to spread quickly.  Just like we mentioned in the navigation section light-duty ground protection mats can provide clear pathways. Mats can assist in establishing pathways for multiple exits across the site thus preventing inevitable crowd clogging when an event draws to a close.

Light-duty ground protection mats storage

Priotitize ground preservation 

Nothing riles local residents and nature enthusiasts more than the unsightly aftermath of an event. Litter and discarded camping equipment aside, the mere sight of destroyed land and grass turned into a pool of mud from excessive footfall can be very distressing. Our light-duty ground protection mats help protect the grass and grounds from this type of unrepairable damage. Recently, we also shared an insight to provide additional information about caring for your grass after using ground support mats.

Gain good reviews & press 

If everything else at your event ran smoothly, then the use of light-duty ground protection mats will only enhance positive public perception. As well as this, clear markers, defined areas, and limited mud will make your event accessible, leaving attendees happy. Finally, we also find that our mats help the event look more professional and organised.

If you’re organizing or hosting an outdoor UK event and need ground protection assistance, please get in touch.

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