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Date published: 02 Oct 2023
Holly Chipchase

5 ways to help organise an outdoor event

If you’re looking to organise an outdoor event these tips could help you to decide on what safety measures to take. These tips will work for festivals, fairs, conferences, fundraisers or exhibitions.

Find a good venue  

For events like festivals and fairs which are held outside, you’ll need to think hard about where to host it. For smaller events like fundraisers and marketplaces, you may want to hold them at less remote venues, with infrastructure around. Outdoor festivals and fairs usually have stages, food vans, camping, portable toilets, rides, and more. The more features or attractions you want to include, the more space you will need, and the more planning you must do.

Make sure your venue is accessible   

It’s important to consider your attendees and their accessibility needs. You should be able to offer disability-friendly parking bays close to your event. These can be created by using our ground support mats to provide clear pathways over uneven or soft terrain. It’s important to consider all the factors that can create a memorable experience for your attendees.  

Consider including pathways through the event where the ground may be more difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. Make areas within stages or attractions that are suitable for disabled attendees.

Provide hydration stations 

When you organise an outdoor event, particularly in summer, it’s important to provide water fountains or taps for attendees. Provide plenty of refill stations to encourage reusable bottles as opposed to single-use plastic bottles of water. This will also help cut down waste at your event.  

Be sure to plan for all-weather

We’re based in the UK, so providing cover and protection from the rain is just as important as protecting from the summer sun. Consider using marquees, gazebos or even circus tents for stages or food hall-type areas. Our ground support mats can be used to protect the ground from such temporary structures, in wet, muddy, or uneven ground conditions.  

Arrange for setup and breakdown 

This could include temporary toilets, flooring, stages, marquees, cleanup of things like tents, rubbish, etc. For the easiest clean-up, have temporary roadways along any tracks where vehicles may enter or exit the site. Have some mats down as protection where vehicles will remain parked (like rides or food trucks). This will help preserve the ground underneath leaving it in its best possible condition once the event is over. We offer festival flooring hire, along with set up and take down to help with this.

Now you’re ready to plan your outdoor event, it’s super important to consider all the different factors that can make the experience most memorable for attendees, whilst also ensuring that you take all safety precautions. We’re here to help with all your ground support needs, contact us for a quote, or just to see how we can help you!

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