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Date published: 17 Oct 2023
Holly Chipchase

Up and coming UK cities for development and investment

Despite lots of markets slowing due to inflation, and lack of materials, the construction sector is continually growing. There are lots of up and coming UK cities in terms of development and investment…

What are the fastest-growing up and coming UK cities for construction? 


House building is a huge part of construction in the North West, generating over 30% of total construction outputs. The area is super desirable, with ‘The Capital of the North” consistently reporting soaring house prices. There are high levels of investment in the city too due to its professional centre and high rental yield. 


Infrastructure and housing have performed impressively in recent years, of course, there have been inflation-related project challenges but the market remains strong for construction. The build-to-rent market in London is enormous.  


This city has experienced rapid growth since 2022 due to HS2 and a growing number of job opportunities. The housing market is booming with both owner-occupiers and investors. The rental market is expected to see a price increase of up to 3.6%.  


Nottingham is one of the best places for investment in the UK. The city ranks highly for quality of life as well as having a well-performing economy. There are two leading universities in the city with a stream of graduates and a booming rental market.  


Brighton is well known for its pier, and pebbled beaches, but also for its huge arts scene. Young professionals and creatives flock to Brighton, with most of them renting property. Brighton has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK which means it’s a great city for development and investment.  


This coastal town is growing in popularity due to its sandy beaches and busy town centres. Lots of new developments are popping up, increasing the appeal for buyers and investors alike. There are also high levels of tourism in Bournemouth, meaning opportunities for short-term rentals.  


Unexpectedly included on our up and coming UK cities, in the heart of the midlands, Wolverhampton is indeed great place for investors and property developers. This is all due to regeneration and infrastructure in the city centre as well as rental demand and transport connections to neighbouring cities like Birmingham and London.  

Summarising up and coming UK cities for development and investment…

The UK property market is great for developers and investors outside of the capital city. Investing and building in the up and coming UK cities can yield massive potential rewards. For more construction news, check out our insights.  

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