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Davis Trackhire Support Film Shoot In Scottish Highlands

When Davis Trackhire were contacted during peak-season by a leading independent film producer with a last-minute requirement for a large production compound, we were tasked with supplying and installing 250 of our aluminium DTH Panels at the customer's location in the Scottish Highlands.

Not only was the Trackway to be installed to the client's strict schedule, they were also going to be within the camera shot - meaning that the panels had to be in pristine condition. This proved no issue for us and later that week the first load of freshly-cleaned panels were sent to site and installed using our state-of-the-art hydraulic clamp system. These were followed by over 100 newly-constructed DTH Panels and our installation crews then worked tirelessly through the weekend to ensure that the entire 1,800 square metre compound was complete and ready for use by the start of the following week - allowing the production to go ahead safely and without hitch!

Davis Trackhire is the UK’s largest independent supplier of aluminium Trackway systems with depots in Glasgow and North Derbyshire. Contact us today on 01698 662104 or via to discuss how we can be of assistance with your next project!

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