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We hire and install grass protection mats for a multitude of sectors, clients and reasons. Through all our experience serving this industry, we have collated together information for our clients to use pre and post ordering our grass protection mats.



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The main benefits of using parking mats for grass:

  • Minimises ecosystem disturbances
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Enhances stormwater management
  • Preserves aesthetic landscapes
  • Fulfills health and safety requirements
  • Prevents consequences from the local council
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Our grass protection mats support sustainable construction

The use of grass protection mats aligns with the emergence of sustainable construction practices, in the UK. At Davis Trackhire we are confident that our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ground protection helps to minimize disturbances to ecosystems, prevents soil compaction, and contributes to overall environmental preservation.

In the UK, maintaining aesthetic landscapes is crucial, as it encourages others to preserve and look after their surroundings too. Maintainance has a knock-on effect. Our HDPE parking mats for grass allow projects to proceed without causing lasting damage to lawns, parks, or recreational areas.

Our grass parking grids preserve green spaces, ensuring that the environment remains attractive and enjoyable for residents and visitors.


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What you need to know about grass protection mats

We can advise on choosing your best grass protection solution through the knowledge of our experienced team. One of our project engineers will also conduct an on-site, in person, free-of-charge site survey.


For our prospective customers we like to share the following information…


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Grass protection mats are often written into contracts

Ground protection is not always a direct legal requirement; however, the use of ground mats is often written into contracts, and made mandatory by the council, health and safety policies, insurers, agricultural groups, construction company guidelines and more…


Most roadside or highway maintenance requires the use of temporary roadway mats. This is to prevent the disturbance and destruction of the surrounding soft ground, and to avoid its dispersion into the road causing accidents.

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How to choose grass protection mats for your requirement

The answer is simple. We help you. When you enquire with us and you provide your job type, sector, information about the the land and the purpose of the protection, we will begin to develop an assessment. We will then complete the assessment once we have attended site and considered all variables.


You can click through to our contact us form to speak to our friendly and knowledgable team begin your grass protection hire journey today.


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The implications of not using grass protection mats

Not using grass car parking mats, where they are required can result in a myriad of costly fines, civil court cases, and punishments. In some circumstances, legal cases. If someone has a direct injury from lack of improper grass protection this could cause the filing of a personal injury, negligence or criminal damage case.


That’s why we are on hand to advise where we believe grass protection mats are required on your site, which type of mat will be best for the ground, how many are required, and what accessories are needed.

Heritage site trackmats

Ourdoor events and grass protection mats 

Where works are being completed or an event is being hosted on listed grounds, temporary grass protection mats should always be used. Listed grounds require the utmost protection, to support the preservation and respect of our land and heritage. Significant fines and punishments can arise for damage to listed grounds where trackmats for heavy equipment are not used.

In fact, councils explicitly hold the right to fine construction companies or event organisers for any damage caused to the ground and trees as a result of the works or event. An example of this is Splendour Festival in Nottingham, hosted on Wollaton Hall & Deer Park which is a grade ll listed building alongside other properties on the land which are also listed. In May 2023, Nottingham City Council initiated a new festival organisation process for Wollaton Park, which due to complications meant the 2024 festival had to be cancelled. Although grass car parking mats and overflow car park matting, would have been just one aspect of their new stricter process, it plays a vital role in gaining approval and meeting outdoor event criteria.

Key features of our grass protection mats

Our grass protection mats are not just used to create paths over slippery and muddy areas, they can be used to create grass driveway grids and grass parking grids attached to an event or apart of overflow car parks.


Here are just some of the key features of our specific, in-house manufactured DTH Panels:


  • A speedy and versatile roadway system
  • Suitable for tricky ground conditions
  • Highly flexible yet incredibly tough
  • Create multi-directional roadways of nearly any size or shape
  • A raised chevron surface also provides a high level of traction
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Technical information

Mat dimensions & properties

Mat dimensions and props

Common questions we’re asked about our grass protection mats

No, they are also suitable for light-duty traffic not exceeding 20 tonnes gross weight, subject to ground conditions.

Over our years of planning and installing trackways, we have accumulated ample knowledge on best practices, efficiency, and creating a safe and conflict-free workspace, with the use of our products. We have also seen what worked well in the planning of festivals we have worked on. More usefully, we also saw what did not work so well.

Fueled with this information and eager to help our current and future clients, we have created tips on how to incorporate temporary roadways into UK festival planning. 

For short or long-term hire solutions, speak to our team today.