Temporary Walkway Hire

Our range of leading pedestrian access solutions


Davis Trackhire is the UK’s largest independent, family-run supplier of Aluminium pedestrian walkway. We also offer high-quality HDPE ground protection mats and heavy-duty TuffTrak solutions, for short and long-term temporary walkway hire across a range of industries and company sizes.

For each hire we carry out a full in-depth site assessment, follow stringent health and safety procedures, physically lay, uplift and collect the trackway ourselves, liaising with all contractors on site to ensure a proactive and seamless temporary path solution.

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How are temporary walkways best utilised?

We find our temporary walkways are often essential to the following industries:

Construction, Events, Telecoms, Film & TV, Renewable Energy, Mobile Cranes, Geotechnical, Transmission, Rail and Ground support, however, our temporary walkway mats are also available to Farmers and Agricultural workers, Local Councils implementing roadworks, Landscape Gardeners or just about anybody who needs to protect the ground they are working, living or hosting on.

We find our temporary walkway hire services are required for a huge spectrum of reasons, from the glitz and glam of film sets and the Brit Awards, for the benefit of production companies and the media right through to emergencies in society. We have even found ourselves providing a temporary path for an aeroplane which had veered off the runway in the snow at Leeds Bradford Airport.

We also cover everything else in between, something as small but essential as covering a porcelain patio from being damaged during maintenance works or outdoor countryside weddings. We love the diversity of our projects and coming up with innovative solutions for a wide catalogue of situations.

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Key features of our temporary walkway solutions

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Our Aluminium mats have unrivalled grip, even in wet weather and are capable of supporting the heaviest road-going vehicles with dual sided surfaces for optimum support. This means they are suitable for soft undulation and inclines too. It’s also notable that our aluminium temporary walkways are manufactured (by us!) to allow for all cross plates and bolt heads to be hidden beneath the surface – creating a flush, continuous and trip-free surface. The size of these mats are  2.4m long x 3m wide.

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Our HDPE plastic mats also have raised chevron surfaces to provide quality traction for general site traffic and rubber-tracked machinery. They are quickly, easily and safely installed by just 2 persons with no need for specialist plant or tools, ideal for sites with awkward access. Our HDPE pedestrian walkway can support a variable weight loading – up to 80 tones dependent upon sub-surface. An added bonus is, most surfaces do not need to be prepared prior to install and they are naturally UV-resistant. The size of these mats are 2.44m long x 1.22m wide.

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Our TuffTrak® mats have a raised chevron traction surface which offers a high level of forward grip. They are ideal on muddy sites as the chevons reduce mud dispersal and also reduce sideways movement & slippage. They are innovatively designed to create a quick, easy connecting install and are reversible. Their alternative side ideal for anti-slip temporary walkways and safe pedestrian access. The size of these mats are 3m long and 2.5 wide.

Our Aluminium, HDPE plastic mats and TuffTrak are all made from durable, long-lasting 100% recyclable, safe, lightweight materials but all have a variation of strengths and are better suited to different projects.

Technical information

Mat dimensions & properties

Mat dimensions and props

How to choose the right type of ground protection for your requirements

With the vast extent of our team’s knowledge expertise and lots of years of experience, you don’t need to be responsible for choosing, we will collate all the information from you as well as your exact requirements and guide you with your options via our recommendations.


We look at the location, ground quality, job type, use of machinery, footfall expectation, accessibility and of course health and safety to determine the weight, material and size of ground protection you require. We then carry out further research and measurements to determine the quantity you will require and the accessories and comments needed to complement our ground protection mats, to ensure maximum performance.


Additionally, our team will make sure our installation is planned ahead of your project schedule with a buffer period so we create no delays on your work commencing.


Here at Davis Trackhire we are committed to making sure you are supported with your project from start to finish, with the best trackway for your needs along with all components and accessories required. Here you can take a look at a catalogue of our safe, efficient work and read what our happy clients say about us.

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Common questions we’re asked about our temporary walkways

Heavy duty (Aluminium Panels & Tufftrak) – approx. 125 panels (300m) per crew, per day and Medium duty (DTH Mats / Ground Protection Mats) approx. 400 mats (1000m) per day based on a 2-person crew.

Speak to our team today if you would like to choose us for your temporary walkway solution or ask us any questions.