Hire ground protection mats for temporary car parks

The hire of temporary car park mats to support site safety, staff and attendee experience at events, festivals, concerts and funfairs makes up a large portion of our client bookings. Parking mats for grass are required when there is no access to traditional parking spaces or flat gravel areas within a reasonable distance of the entertainment space.

Temporary car parks are used for the general public attending a festival, event or concert and may also be required for staff. We have even provided temporary car parks for production companies who are filming on location.

Whether you require a backstage area for your festival or a ring road around your event site, we have the skills, products and experience to handle your requirements. Did you know we were shortlisted for ‘Best Temporary Roadway / Walkway Supplier‘ at both the 2018 and 2019 Festival Supplier Awards. As an independent family-run car park matting supplier, this is a huge achievement.


laying HDPE trackway on grass

Where to start with a temporary car park solution

Your requirement should be assessed in the first instance. For events and outdoor entertainment, the land may belong to a local council or farmer, it is their discretion regarding where and if a temporary car park solution must be put in place. It could be required to preserve the land and particularly the grass or for the health and safety of staff, the public and equipment. There is a particular need for a temporary car park and trackway solution if there is uneven terrain or a risk of mud and bogs with heavy rainfall.


The installation of parking mats, should be priority for event organisers due to health and safety legislation. Often, temporary trackway is needed as a precautionary measure. When you call to book the hire of our parking matting, one of our engineers will attend your site to conduct a comprehensive site survey where we will determine which exact parking mats you need. We also calculate quantities and suggest additional components. We take Ground surface and site type into consideration in the first instance. This also plays a big factor in our pricing.


You should note that parking matting should be the first thing to arrive at your event or site and the last thing to leave This is when we will also give you an accurate timescale for installation.


We have a stock holding of over 16,000 heavy-duty car park matting panels and 150,000m2 of ground protection products overall – enough to create a temporary carpark from Manchester to Sheffield. Our large inventory means we can fulfil long-term hire requirements as well as short-term.

Trackway truck

In addition to temporary car park matting, you may also want to consider:

Temporary roadways

It is best practice to ensure all the main routes to and from the site and important areas have a heavy-duty track mat roadway. This is to ensure all vehicles and large equipment vans, trucks and machinery can safely gain access to and from site. A firm, high-weight-bearing, non-slip surface is specifically required for these.

Temporary walkways 

Although heavy-duty track mats may not be required, and a lighter option may be chosen, heavy duty is still required as festivals have a large footfall in dense area, heavy duty trackway provides the utmost protection and is better than other forms of mats when combined with mud.

Entrances and exits 

Access to and from the site needs to be made as easy as possible for third-party staff, event staff, attendees and emergency services. By using the strongest heavy duty track mats available you are further enabling safety. In an emergency situation, an ambulance wheel stuck in mud could be extremely dangerous.

Helpdesk or medical tent

This is an important area which needs to be flat, sturdy, easy to access and may require access for wheelchairs or stretchers. It is always a safe measure to include heavy duty track mats here.


creating temporary walkway

Key features of our temporary car park mats

There are lots of reasons to choose us as your ground protection provider, here are but a few:

  • Time to install and ease of installation – With state-of-the-art trucks, equipment and experienced staff we are extremely efficient at installing and removing our trackway.
  • With our large stockholding of temporary car park mats across two UK bases, we can ensure we are always on-hand and available to meet your requirements.
  • Our HDPE grass protection mats are UV-resistant making them ideal for outdoor events in summer, where they will be subject to days or weeks of sunlight.
  • We give the option to dry-hire our parking mats, so if you have access to equipment and trained staff, you can save on installation costs.
  • We manufacture many of our own panels to ensure we work with only the best product.
Stack of aluminium trackway

Technical information

Mat dimensions & properties

Mat dimensions and props

Our team at Davis Track Hire are here to help

Through all our experience of arranging and installing temporary car park matting for outdoor UK events, we feel we hold lots of expertise and knowledge. That’s why many of our clients book us year upon year for their annual event. We are always available to pre-book annual events ahead of schedule, creating long-term relationships with our clients, but we are also loyal to one-off event hosters too! No matter your situation or requirement, we are happy to help and share our knowledge to support your event’s success!

Take a look here, at some of our recent deployments in the events sector, you can even read what our customers have to say too.

caution temporary surface

Common questions we’re asked about our temporary car park mats

This depends on the required configuration. If you require a standard 3m wide haul road, simply divide the total required length by 2.4, which is the length of 1 aluminium panel (2.5m for Tufftrak). If any bends or turns in the road are required, we recommend 5 additional panels for a 45-degree turn and 15 panels for a 90-degree turn. However every site presents its’ own bespoke constraints, therefore we recommend requesting a free site survey by one of our experienced Project Engineers who will establish your exact temporary roadway/walkway requirements

You can contact us on your preferred medium. Our dedicated team are on hand to communicate with you via our website contact form, telephone, email or social media.