Emergency trackway for burst water main on Severn Trent site

The Project

In response to an emergency trackway job in Sarn, Powys, Wales. Our client urgently needed a temporary access road to reach a challenging location. The task involved navigating a steep slope to address a burst water main, making our trackway an essential component for facilitating the necessary work.

Emergency trackway for steep incline

Our Service

The following day, our specialist Project Engineer conducted a thorough survey of the site to assess the steepness of the incline and proposed a solution and comprehensive site plan to our client to ensure the safe transportation of their equipment to the site safely to carry out the emergency works.

This strategy would ensure that emergency works are carried out, not only efficiently, but safely.

Our Emergency Trackway Solution

Our Davis Trackhire team installed a single-element temporary access road measuring 80m long x 6m wide. This also included a 90-degree turn area to reach the site problem area.

The emergency trackway was constructed by alternating dual surface panels to allow them to grip to the ground. This also provides enough traction on top of the temporary road to allow heavy vehicles to access in and out of site on the difficult slopes and inclines. Surprisingly, in some areas, inclines were as steep as 10%.

Additionally, safety measures along the access route included using anchor fixing pins at various points. This is to prevent the emergency trackway from moving or sliding.

To summarise, our client was very happy with the emergency trackway access road we provided. It effectively stayed in place until the completion of the works.

“I’d just like to share a quick note, on what a pleasure it has been working with yourselves at Davis Trackhire. From the initial reactive site survey to site set up and all associated comms inbetween. It has been an amazing service from start to finish. The set up you’ve provided for us (emergency trackway), to be able to access our burst water main in Powys is the best we have used to date. Our field teams accessing the burst main location at one of our reservoir sites, have commented on the extra grip and professionalism of your set up. Thank you, Andrew and the team. We look forward to working with you on the next one.”
– B.C. – Networks Team Manager