Sunrise landscape | How can ground protection be used in agriculture? 
Date published: 08 Jan 2024
Holly Chipchase

How can ground protection be used in agriculture? 

The agricultural industry is always seeking solutions to address the challenges that come from ever-changing environmental conditions and evolving farming practices. Recently, the introduction of ground protection and trackways has been a game changer in the agriculture sector. The durable, versatile mats offer a range of benefits that influence farming operations, as well as environmental sustainability.  

Soil Conservation  

One of the primary advantages of ground protection mats in general is soil conservation, which benefits farms. Traditional farming practices often involve heavy machinery which can lead to soil compaction and erosion.   

Ground protection mats act as shields, they can distribute the weight of machinery and prevent direct contact with the soil. This minimises soil compaction, maintains soil structure, and reduces erosion, preserving the land for sustainable agricultural practices.  

Enhanced Productivity on Agriculture and Landscapes

Trackway mats can play a massive role in enhancing farm productivity. In harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, trackway mats can provide a stable and secure surface for machinery to operate.   

This prevents delays in planting and harvesting, ensuring that farmers can stick to tight schedules and maximise yields. Increased productivity can contribute to the economic viability of farming operations.  

Environmental Impact   

The use of ground protection mats aligns with the growing emphasis on environmentally friendly farming practices. By reducing soil compaction and erosion, these mats help improve water quality and decrease runoff.  

Ground protection mats also facilitate efficient farming operations, lessening fuel consumption and lowering carbon emissions. This environmental consciousness is crucial to sustainable agriculture and the global effort to combat climate change.  

Livestock Management   

Ground protection mats can be utilised for more than crop cultivation, they also play a vital role in livestock management. In areas with high animal traffic, such as feeding and watering zones, mats can offer a stable and mud-free surface.   

This not only ensures the well-being of the animals but also keeps the task of cleaning and maintaining livestock areas nice and easy. The mats contribute to a more organised and hygienic farm environment, fostering better overall farm management practices.   


While the initial investment in ground protection mats may seem high, the long-term benefits translate into cost-efficiency for farmers.   

The reduced soil compaction leads to better water infiltration in turn, resulting in better nutrient absorption by crops. The enhanced nutrients can lessen the need for fertilisers, cutting down on costs. The increased productivity and minimised machinery-related delays also contribute to overall cost savings long term.  

Our opinion on the use of ground protection in agriculture…

The impact of ground protection mats and trackway mats in agriculture is great. As farmers increasingly recognise the value of these solutions, the use of ground protection mats is likely to become more widespread.  

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the implementation of strategies using ground support and track mats shows that embracing newer technologies can promote more sustainable and efficient farming practices in the future.

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