Remote Trucks to Radically Improve UK Trackway Industry

Davis Trackhire, a leading provider of temporary roadway (trackway) in the UK, have announced the addition of two new, industry-pioneering remote trucks, to their fleet. These are a brand-new 26t Volvo 480HP Globetrotter and a Scania R460, offering a safer and more efficient method of on-site manoeuvring.

The construction & events media been excited by this unveiling. This new forward-thinking technology allows Davis Crew to drive to sites as normal, setup ready to lay or retrieve the Trackway at the rear of the truck using the lorry mounted Palfinger Epsilon Q150Z and SMC Trackway Clamp, and then engage a hydrostatic system via a remote drive control unit. The system allows the controller to stand at the rear of the truck with the aid of a banksman and a monitor with views from all angles, before making moves via the Scanreco remote control that is also used to control the lorry loader. Operators can control the truck remotely whilst providing the best possible management and supervision of surroundings.

Hiab truck with the latest UK technology

Davis Trackhire is immensely confident about the many benefits of having the first two remote control trucks in the UK Trackway industry. It is a much safer method of moving trucks on-site because it allows the operator to better visualise surroundings. Also, the operator and banksmen have access to a monitor with 8+ cameras situated precisely throughout truck’s exterior. When going forward, the operator can see the front of the truck via the monitor and with the banksman’s help, whilst the operator stands to the rear of the truck.

Health and safety practices have been thoroughly assessed and carefully considered, meaning the trucks are limited to 3mph, the lowered speeds help to eliminate any safety issues. The vehicle is fitted with sensors at the front which can detect anything within a 1.5m distance. A traffic light system alongside the viewing screen notifies of any movement detected to ensure no hazards are missed by the operator or banksman.

Remote control trucks for trackway industry

Additionally, by using a remote control there is less chance of driver injury and fatigue. The driver would normally have to climb in and out of the cab up to 100 times per day. The new technology removes the need for this and therefore reduces the chances of injuries entering and leaving the cab. Ultimately, by reducing trips into and back out of the vehicle, there is more installation time and site efficiency radically increases.

The new remote trucks are fitted with sonar technology which increases visibility tenfold. Operators have the perfect vantage point to stay on track even during the very tightest of manoeuvres, reducing the chance of damage to lawns and other soft ground. Higher visibility means that safety is ensured even in the event of driver error.

So far we are delighted with the on-site performance of our first two ‘remote-controlled’ installation trucks. We will monitor both our customers and site teams feedback in terms of safety and productivity for a period of time before rolling this system out across the fleet. We believe that this remote control system coupled with our unique onboard crew welfare POD’s (containing shower, WC and wash hand basin) stands us apart from the competition in terms of site safety and crew welfare.
Blake Davis, Co-Owner & Managing Director
Hiab remote controle truck with trackmats